Welcome to the Little Big Shots Web Store

Here we will be selling some fun things(no not fireworks) that you might enjoy. All images can be enlarged by clicking on them. Items will be added as they are made available to us. If you are interested in purchasing our fireworks, please visit the appropriate catalog for information on our current inventory and prices. Our Catalogs can be found HERE.

Firecracker Cannon
A quality 100% solid steel firecracker Spanish Deck Cannon with a barrel that tilts up and down for elevation and with wheels that roll! The fuse sticks out the back... light it and watch the fire and paper shoot out of the cannon with a nice loud BANG!. Great for 4th of July, New Years or any celebration! Also a perfect desk or den ornament. Use with 1.5" firecrackers only.
Little Big Shots T-Shirt
$15.99 - $17.99

Genuine Little Big Shots T-shirts. These are high quality shirts made of 100% cotton. Displays the Little Big Shots logo on the front and “Not Just Another Star in the Sky” slogan on the back with a three-shell break in various colors. Always a fashion statement and guaranteed to make people flock around you to find out where you got such cool garb.