Little Big Shots is a company formed in 1990 by owner Albert Knoblach. The company is a typical story of a hobby that eventually becomes a business. Although in either instance, it is the owner's passion. It all started out by purchasing a handful of display shells from a local firework manufacturing company and doing a display on his parent's farm. From this first rag-tag show and a lot of hard work, the Little Big Shots has grown into an established display company, a retail store of consumer fireworks and a highly regarded manufacturer of display shells and salutes.

Here at Little Big Shots, we specialize in manufacturing salutes (the noise you hear in a professional display), lampares (the only manufacturer in the US) and custom manufactured ball shells (one to four color changing); Little Big Shots has been committed to producing the highest quality display shells available. As was once quoted to Albert during his journey of self-taught pyrotechnic adventure, "A firework shell is the only art that you have to destroy to enjoy". Regardless if it is a three-inch magnum salute or a twelve-inch willow diadem to magenta to silver twinkler ball shell, the Little Big Shots strives to produce each shell so it is the "art" of your particular use. Peruse this website, link to the available videos and feel free to contact us with any and all questions you have about our products or fireworks in general.